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 NTBN forum rules

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PostSubject: NTBN forum rules   Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:43 am

Breaking any of this rules will result as a warn. If you collect 3 warns, you will be banned from the forum for 7 days. Read these rules carefully and remember them. The Rules:

Don't post useless posts. Posts like "I agree with you", "You're right", "That's good" or just one word posts are pure spam posts, and spamming is not allowed in serious topics. There's a spam section, you can there spam how much you want. Also posting only in CAPITAL LETTERS is not allowed.

Double posting is not allowed UNLESS you are updating your own thread.

Don't revive topics that are inactive for a month or more. This does not apply for stickied topics or announcements, or if you want to update your own topic.

4. Don't post pictures that could stretch the forum size, it's irritating. You can post it in the spoiler though.

Post in English only. You can post in other languages through PMs. If your English is very bad, let people know that writing in your signature or status that you're not very good at English. Use translators for better communication.

6. Respect all members of the forum. Do not insult anybody. Don't act tough on others, in other words don't act like a boss if you are not the boss. If someone broke the rules, you can inform moderator or admin about that through PM.

Pornography is strictly prohibited, so no 18+ stuff.

Don't use multiple accounts. Don't think that we can't find out if you're using 2 accounts. If you use 2 accounts, the original one will get a warn, and 2nd will be banned from the forum.

Don't bother the team members asking for the release date of the game. Be patient and wait for the game as others wait. Also, don't post work from other people when you're applying to join the team.

Don't ask for mod/admin/kage status or rep points.

Maximum size of an avatar should be 150x300, and maximum size for the signature should be
500x1000 (This is the whole signature, not only the picture).


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NTBN forum rules
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