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Chunnin of The Leaf
Chunnin of The Leaf

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PostSubject: *NEW* NTBN OFFICIAL RULES *NEW*   Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:07 pm

Sorry G man for making this topic but the one u made was not looking as if it has less rules and was not that attractive. I have made this one and this contains more information.

No one word Posting

Don't dare to flame any users of the site or else it will result as 7 days ban.

Posting all in Capital Letters will result as a warn

No One Word Post or else you will get a free warn ^^

Speak in English, you can speak in your language which is other than English by putting it in a spoiler

If you post anything that is for 18+ then you will surely be banned for 18 days.

No one shall act like boss except the boss.

If someone is breaking any type of Rule, You can pm Mods or Admins about it

If you are bymistakely given a warn then you should ask a mod or Admin to remove it but be polite

The max size of an avatar should be 150x300 and if we find your avatar more than the maximum limit then u will warned

Do not revive the threads in which there were no one posting since a month(If the Topic is sticky then u can post in it even if it is older than a month)

Do not ever ask about the release date of the Game because it is really irritating

Using 2 accounts and joining different countries will be resulted as a ban in both the accounts

Treat everyone equally

If any Mods will abuse their powers, at the moment their Powers will be taken away

If you will post useless things in a Serious topic then u will be warned at the moment

If you are warned for a worth reason and u ask other Mods to remove it then you will get another warn from them and the offer would be buy 1 get 1 free ^^

Any posting of pictures or something else that will stretch the forum size then you are a dead person. You can post it in a spoiler indeed.

Posting only smilies will too result as a warn(if you post only with smilies)

If you ever Ask an Admin for Admin Powers then u will be banned for 7 days and after u come back you will find 2 warns with you

If we find you breaking any rules then you will be warned or banned as per to the fault. We might not give u any other chance.

Thank you.

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