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Chunnin of The Leaf
Chunnin of The Leaf

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PostSubject: NTBN SOTW .::.HALL OF FAME.::.   Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:46 pm

Here, I'll be editing this topic once in a week for inserting the name of the winner of SOTWs that are held Weekly.

.::. SOTW 1 TOPIC .::. Free Style
.::. SOTW 1 WINNER.::. xAlucardx .::. SOTW 1 2nd placer and 3rd placer .::. Byakuya and Chikido
.::. SIG of the WINNER cum 1st placer.::.
~ Alucard

.::. SOTW 2 TOPIC .::. HULK
.::. SOTW 2 WINNER .::. Both Alucard and Byakuya for the tie but after some conversations, it is decided that the winner is Byakuya & 2nd placer is Alucard along with Wiza as 3rd placer
.::. SIG OF THE WINNERs cum 1st Placers.::.
~ Byakuya

.::. SOTW 3 TOPIC .::. Ichigo kurosaki
.::. SOTW 3 WINNER .::. xAlucardx (1st placer) and Byakuya (2nd placer)
.::. SIG Of the WINNER cum 1st placer .::.
~ Alucard

.::. SOTW 4 TOPIC .::. Demons
.::. SOTW 4 WINNER .::. Alucard and Ankit(1st placer due to tie) and Byakuya (2nd placer)
.::. SIG Of the WINNER cum 1st placer .::.
~ Alucard ~ Ankit

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