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Chunnin of The Leaf
Chunnin of The Leaf

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PostSubject: *CHECK* SOTW RULES *CHECK*   Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:22 am

SOTW Rules
S O T W R u l e s

•Everyone is allowed to participate

•Premades are allowed

•Submit your entry on time

•Votes are not counted after 48hrs

•No leeching/ripping/stealing

•Your entry must be related to the Theme

•You can only submit entry per week, but you can still edit/change your entry

•You have to submit you entry in Entry Thread, and discuss/ask in Discussion Thread

•You are not allowed to vote for yourself, or else disqualified

•You are not allowed to convince others to vote for your entry, any proof of this will cause a disqualification


Voting Points:
V o t i n g P o i n t s

Each 1st spot vote = 3 points

Each 2nd Spot vote = 2 points

Each 3rd Spot Vote = 1 point

These are the rules that are decided and created by Ankit, who runs the SOTWs in ntsd forum. Byakuya, I hope you now get what I was trying to say. You had 2 2nd spot votes which count as 4 points and 3 1st spot votes which are counted as 9 points and in total, you had 13 points but I had 3 1st spot votes which are counted as 9 points and 3 2nd spot votes which are counted as 6 points and in total, I had 15 points. Anyways, there won't be such votings as there was in sotw 2. There will be fair votings now.

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